Online Kinesiology Degree


If the word kinesiology doesn’t ring a bell in your ears, then in simple terms, kinesiology refers to the science of human movement, i.e., human kinetics.

On the other hand, applied kinesiology refers to a system of natural health care. It is based on common principles of acupressure, meridian energy flow, and muscle testing. By making use of applied kinesiology principles and certain healing techniques, there could be a drastic increase in vitality and overall health of an individual.

Kinesiology is related to scientific study of human movement while applied kinesiology (which must not be confused with kinesiology) relates to alternative medicine diagnostic and healing techniques.

These days, people are becoming more and more health conscious, and the health care sector is booming like never before. In turn, the popularity of kinesiology and other similar online courses is increasing proportionately, too.

It has also been observed that applied kinesiology principles can be vital in treating chronic patients effectively and reducing overall treatment costs, which is why nowadays patients are also inclined towards consultation with experienced kinesiotherapists (who also have relevant experience in applied kinesiology).

After all, spending $100 for consultation and saving $1,000 on treatment makes perfect sense, doesn’t it! However, principles of applied kinesiology haven’t been scientifically proven to render any comprehensive results that may demonstrate their benefits to the fullest extent.

Becoming a Successful Kinesiotherapist

If you fancy becoming a Kinesiotherapist, there are, of course, certain specific requirements for the kinesiology profession, and, in order to become a skilled kinesiotherapist, you need specialized training and certification as well. So, let us discover more about the specifics of online kinesiology learning courses.

What’s Covered?

Foundations of kinesiology courses generally involve the basics of the psychological, sociological, mechanical, and physiological principles of this field.

As mentioned earlier, muscle testing can serve as a diagnostic tool and, when used effectively with other biomechanical techniques, increase vitality. Hence, this concept is given good attention in such online programs.

Overall, the study of human muscular and skeletal systems is the prime focus of such online programs. The instructors help the students in analyzing biomechanical techniques and applying them to a contemporary kinesiology program.

Courses Involved in the Certification Program

Kinesiotherapy training and online certification programs usually include:

  • Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
  • Muscle Training
  • Physical Education for Children
  • Athletic Training
  • Psychological Parameters in Therapy
  • The Science of Therapeutic Movement
  • Physical Growth and Development

Who Should Undertake This Program?

The online learning kinesiology programs and certifications can help you get on track to become a successful kinesiotherapist while the master of education degree in health and kinesiology is devised for those who are planning to pursue areas related to kinesiology and health care as their career path.

The full time M.Ed. courses in health and kinesiology compriss of an extensive curriculum covering eighteen hours of foundation and elective courses. Looking at some good options, an individual may attend an online collaborative program, Kinesiology Online (KINO) Master’s Degree Program, provided by the University of Texas at Tyler and earn an M.Ed. degree in the field.

Note: It is also possible to undertake traditional classroom courses, too.

Skills Acquired During the Course

In order to become a successful kinesiotherapist, you’ll have to master the physical principles and their applications under appropriate circumstances and relationships between exercise and health.

Apart from learning these principles, you’ll also acquire interpersonal skills such as interacting with a patient’s family and obtaining past records. You’ll also be trained on techniques of basic athletic first aid and their application and the administration of emergency procedures.

The Bottom Line

Kinesiology has always been one of the good options as a career path. But, as the expert knesiotherapists (who have knowledge of kinesiology as well as applied kinesiology) are acclaimed to minimize the impact of complex surgical procedures and prolonged illness, the demand for such experienced kinesiotherapists is increasing day by day.

With the help of a good online kinesiology learning program, you can progress in your career path and become a successful kinesiotherapist, too.

The salaries of kinesiotherapists vary as per their specialization, facility of employment, and of course the geographical location. But, the average starting annual salary of a skilled kinesiotherapist is observed to be in the range of $32,500 to $38,000 (mostly around $35,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor).

Note: In North America, you can obtain a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology or human kinetics. But, these degrees are conferred as bachelor’s degrees in applied science (human movement) in Australia and New Zealand.

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