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Why Take an Online Human Services Course?

written by: Kathy Foust•edited by: Laurie Patsalides•updated: 7/31/2009

Those interested in human services tend to enjoy helping other people. You may think that some element of this is lost when you take an online human services course, but that simply isn't the case. Read on for more information.

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    Human Services

    Human services courses are usually taken by those who enjoy helping others and are looking for a career in social services or a like area. These courses teach students about the legalities and regulations that govern the people working in these fields. They also give students an idea of what to expect from people they are trying to help as well as the institutions that those helping others may work for.

    One of the best parts of an online human services course is that they place a heavy focus on encouraging students to think outside the box while working within the guidelines set for them. With that being said, know that a certain amount of creativity is expected and encouraged. Knowing that may give you some insight into what these online courses have to offer as well as what they expect from the students taking them.

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    Online Human Services Course

    While you might think that an online human services course may limit your interaction with the very people you seek to help, you couldn't be more wrong. Since instructors cannot see your body language and inflections, they need to use other methods to assess your knowledge. Not only are you going to be interacting with the public, but you will also be required to do some soul searching of your own to make sure that this is the area that you really want to work in.

    Those taking human services courses online can expect to check in at the discussion board once or twice a week, depending on the instructor's preferences. Most instructors will ask a question that the student must submit a reply for. Some instructors will also require students to respond to at least one other student to get full points for their discussion board.

    One of the great things about taking classes online is that students are usually able to work ahead if they like to. The syllabus provides the student with a complete listing of assignments for the semester. However, students are usually not allowed to post in the discussion board early as this is the instructor's way of taking attendance. Before submitting any assignment early, students should make sure this is allowed by the instructor. If the instructor does not allow the students to submit early, then they might delete early work.

    Some interesting things you may have to do for an online human services class is to create a collage describing yourself and perform random acts to see what response you obtain from the people around you. This is one way the instructor offers you the chance to take a closer look at yourself and how you interact with the world. Students will also learn about different philosophies of thought and have to assess which one applies to them and their way of thinking.

    In general, taking a human service course online allows the student the freedom to get creative and do some self exploration while also learning the ins and outs of the human services areas. Instructors rely heavily upon the honesty and integrity of the students, secure in the knowledge that it is up to the student how much they want to get out of the course.