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Start a Sports Career with an Online Physical Education Degree

written by: Sylvia Cochran•edited by: Sarah Malburg•updated: 12/3/2010

An online physical education degree opens doors to a wide array of sports-related professions. Perhaps the most commonly sought after track is teaching, but there are other options open to the graduate with a bachelors in physical education. Read on and find out what they are.

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    Online Physical Education Degree for Teaching

    A bachelors in physical education has always been thought of as the quintessential degree that goes hand in hand with a teaching job. A look at Marlene Gundlach’s article “Physical Education Lesson: Rhythmic Movement and Balance” shows that this is a hand in glove fit. When coupled with a teaching credential, an online physical education degree might actually lead to a teaching career or a future in high school sports, since it also encompasses the development of rhythm and unshakeable balance, both of which are crucial skills for athletes of any age and in any field.

    As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) outlines that those with an online degree in physical education may actually find employment as a coach, referee, umpire, or university sports instructor. It goes without saying that there is a solid element of teaching involved at any level, making this a premier degree to consider for a student serious about entering the teaching profession in a K-12 physical education class or beyond.

    On the flipside, if you want to explore other avenues with your physical education degree, simply take a look at Bright Hub’s Gabbi 525 and her article “Go for a Graduate Certificate in Sports Nutrition.” In her writing she outlines how a simple graduate certificate may take the student with an advanced online physical education degree into a whole new professional direction.

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    Remuneration Graduates Could Expect

    The BLS is very clear in demarcating the various and sundry uses for an online physical education degree. There is the opportunity to pursue coaching and specialize in nutrition and fitness, or perhaps go the route of sports medicine. Instructors at Canisius College assert that a bachelor in physical education even prepares the student for future work in sports-related marketing as well as sports psychology!

    While the numbers bear out that almost half of those in the sports industry are employed in the educational field, the recreational industry follows closely behind. Employment is on the upswing, especially in the personal fitness field. It is hard to put a dollar amount down for prospective earnings, but the BLS suggests that the school system is the employer with the highest remuneration (circa $37,530) while recreational facilities only pay about $26,150 per year.

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    Where Can You Earn Your Online Phys. Ed. Degree?

    A premier example of a versatile online physical education degree is the physical activity & health bachelor of science or arts degree from Eastern Oregon University. There are three concentrations available, taking the student either in the direction of physical education and sports or health and wellness studies. The third option – exercise science – is not available as part of an online degree in physical education.

    As you can see, an online physical education degree has the power to open a lot more doors than you might have initially thought possible.