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Getting an Online Master's Degree in Fire Administration

written by: Sonal Panse•edited by: Sylvia Cochran•updated: 6/19/2009

An online master's degree in fire administration can help you get administrative level jobs in the fire service. Let's take a look at how to go about getting an online masters degree in fire administration.

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    Online Masters Degree in Fire Administration

    An online master's degree in fire administration prepares students for administrative roles in the fire service. These include directing the day to day operations, handling emergency situations, enforcing fire prevention systems and inspections, and also overseeing fire investigations. Administrative positions require highly knowledgeable people with effective leadership and communication skills; this is exactly what a master's degree can help provide.

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    Getting an Online Masters Degree in Fire Administration

    Visit the websites of different colleges offering master's degree programs in fire science administration. Find about the kinds of fire administration courses that are offered and check their national and regional accreditation. Get information about teaching standards and job placement rates (if applicable). Inquire about scholarships, student loans and federal aid. Prepare and send out admission applications.

    Once you have received admission to the school of your choice, set up a proper study schedule and stick to it. Online study does not mean less work! In fact, you will need to be more disciplined about managing your time and completing your assignments. The article “Guide to Online Courses for Fire Protection, Engineering Jobs” explains about these issues in depth.

    Along with staying on track with your studies, make sure you stay in trim physical shape. Fire administration work requires alert, strong people with the stamina to work long hours. You may have to pass a physical exam before you get hired, and you will most likely have to undergo a rigorous and extensive training.

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    Benefits of an Online Masters Degree in Fire Administration

    Getting an online master's degree in fire administration has some definite advantages -

    • A master's degree gives you an edge in the job market. There is usually a long waiting list for fire administration positions, and people with graduate and postgraduate degrees will always be given a preference over those without. A master's degree might also mean a higher pay level.
    • Online degree programs are generally less expensive than regular ones and easier to get into, but this can vary from school to school. You can check online and on-campus programs at the Eastern Kentucky University. To compare tuition and fees at different colleges, visit the College Toolkit site.
    • Getting an online degree means you will study the same courses as in a traditional full-time program, but with the added advantage of a flexible schedule.
    • With an online master's degree program, you study where you want and when you can. You may arrange your study schedule around your work and family commitments. You don't have to spend time and money commuting.
    • Working online, you will gain experience in working with the latest computer technology, web based programs and Internet communication systems.
    • The independent nature of online study can hone your management and organizational abilities, all skills that are much sought after in fire administration.

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    Career Prospects with an Online Masters Degree in Fire Administration

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a master's degree in fire administration can help with career advancement and lead to leadership roles in the fire service. With a master's degree, you may find work as a fire chief, deputy chief, assistant fire chief, battalion chief, fire captain, fire lieutenant, fire prevention inspector, station manager and station supervisor.