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Take Online Courses For Your Veterinary Continuing Education

written by: Willa•edited by: Laurie Patsalides•updated: 12/22/2010

Online veterinary continuing education courses make it possible to remain current at all levels of veterinary medicine, whether you are the veterinarian or the technician. Taking them online makes it even easier for busy professionals to stay ahead of the game.

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    University Veterinary Continuing Education Online Courses

    Opportunities to earn continuing education (CEs) credit hours are available online from fully accredited universities with a Department of Veterinary Medicine on campus.

    Online classes in the form of modules at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are:

    • Pain Management (5 modules, earns 5 CEs, for $1600)
    • Ophthalmology ( 10 modules, earns 10.15 CEs, for $300)
    • Clinical Small Animal Dentistry (10 modules, earns 13.5 CEs, for $350)
    • Diagnostic Imaging ( 6 modules, earns 14.5 CEs, for $300)
    • Cytology (1 module for $30)

    These are a few of the online veterinary continuing education courses provided by Colorado State University's Veterinary Department:

    • Poisonous Plants
    • Health Management of Swine Courses
    • Principles of Surgical Oncology
    • Canine Elimination Problems

    Each 1-credit CE course costs $50 and 2-credit CE courses are $80.

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    Veterinary Information Network (VIN)

    The Veterinary Information Network (VIN) offers to members, as well as non-members, online veterinary continuing education courses earning CEs in these online courses taught by Veterinary Specialists.

    • OHSA & Practice Safety (15 CEs)
    • Veterinary Dental Techniques (various levels of studies)
    • Quality Management for the Veterinary Clinical Pathology Lab (10.5 CEs)
    • Practical Avian Medicine (4 CEs)
    • Treating the Diabetic Cat & Dog ( 2 CEs)

    As you take online courses for your veterinary continuing education, you enjoy the convenience of studying in real-time, interactive or conferencing formats.

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    Vet Med Team

    The Vet Med Team, a resource of online veterinary continuing education for the veterinary assistant, office staff, technician and veterinarian, provides self-paced courses of studies in:

    • Veterinary Technician Exam Review (earns 15 CEs for $90)
    • Marketing: Building Your Client Base (earns 5 CEs for $88)
    • OSHA: The Safety Office (earns 15 CEs for $161)
    • Basic Principles of Hematology ( earns 15 CEs for $ 161)
    • HR: Employee Files & Handbook (earns 5 CEs for $88)
    • Developing Puppy & Kitten Kindergarten ( earns 8 CEs for $ 88)
    • Advanced Concepts in Veterinary Anesthesia ( earns 25 CEs for $ 198)
    • Finance: Hospital Performance Measures & Benchmarks ( earns 5 CEs for $88)
    • Basic Principles of Endocrinology (earns 10 CEs for $88)
    • Advanced Concepts in Thoracic Radiology (earns 20 CEs for $ 161)
    • Basic Principles of Surgical Assisting (earns 15 CEs for $ 145)

    Upon completion, a certificate will be awarded by the Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) or the Veterinary Hospital Manager's Association (VHMA) depending on the courses taken.

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