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FAQ for Beginning Online Learners

written by: Akili Amina•edited by: Sarah Malburg•updated: 4/18/2011

Get some of your questions answered! If you're concerned about potential problems or issues you may face obtaining your online education read this FAQ to find your answers.

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    Are you a beginner online student or just considered getting your online degree? Getting your education online has many benefits, however you may still be concerned about some problems faced by beginning online learners. Read our FAQ to make sure you're prepared for the realities of online learning.

    How many hours would my coursework take each week?

    It is normal to spend around 10 or more hours on your classwork each week. There will be times you may have a project due and it would consume even more time away from your life.

    Will they accept financial aid?

    Yes, just like any other school an online learning institution will accept all the normal forms of payment for your tuition.

    Are online schools accredited?

    It will depend on the school you choose, but it is probably the best to choose one that is fully accredited.

    What are some other features that I should look for in an online learning program or school?

    There are many features to look for, but if you can find an online school that has a program to assist graduates who are looking for work, this would be exceptional.

    Is it best to have a physical campus near my home?

    If your school has a physical campus it will help if there is a course you need and it isn't available online or if the online course is full.

    Will employers recognize my achievement as a graduate from an online learning course?

    Just as with any other thing in life there are some employers that will accept your degree and some that may not. However, overall I have found that most employers really want someone qualified for the position, so how you came about that experience or knowledge is not often a high concern. We do live in a world though, where some people who only have the right certificates (such as those in the IT field) can actually make more money than someone with a traditional degree. Don't forget that most traditional schools have their own online learning program, so how can any employer really be prejudice against those who hold online learning degrees?

    The online learning experience will definitely be unique to each individual, but there are some things that will remain common amongst all students. There is commonality in that we all have butterflies in our stomachs or a nervousness we all feel that very first day. There is commonality in the fact that we all have academic goals we are trying to reach and the very first day of an online class we all ask ourselves, will I finish or will I graduate?

    I hope the answer is yes and I hope that your future overall will be one that shines like a star. You can reach your online educational goals with hard work and endurance. This FAQ will hopefully help guide you in the path to success.

    Just remember, there will be setbacks, expect them and when they arrive hold steady as they will eventually pass. Good Luck to you!