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Home Study Programs to Learn Web Design

written by: Regina Woodard•edited by: Laurie Patsalides•updated: 2/27/2011

Information technology is an area that continues to grow day by day and each area within the study are also becoming popular. One of these is that of web design, that is the knowledge of building websites.Here, learn about some home study programs to learn web design.

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    Information technology is a big business, growing by leaps and bounds at an everyday pace. Who would have thought that something that was the size of a large refrigerator could lead to a revolution that has now seen cell phones, video conferencing, and online schooling? As IT continues to grow, so do the positions in which the technology is made up.

    There are several areas within IT that a person can pursue, one of those being web design. Web design is the art of building a website, from the layout, to the color scheme, and of course, the subject of the site itself. Many universities and colleges now offer classes in which people can learn all about the information behind building a site, using HTML, CSS, coding, as well as using those programs that help to provide not only the design but the presentation to the people of the web.

    But what if you're a busy parent with two kids? Or a busy professional or even current college student without the time or the money to enroll in another school? Well, as with all things Internet, there are of course ways to learn more about things without needing to attend physical classes. In this article, learn about some of the home study programs to learn web design.

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    Home Study Programs to Learn Web Design

    How does one get into web design? While it is true that anyone can get into technology for the Internet, it obviously helps that you of Home Study Programs to Learn Web Design course enjoy spending time on the Internet, enjoying designs that would work for the website, an eye and a creative flair, and of course, a love of learning new things, especially in regards to technology.

    The great thing about emerging technologies is that there are now several ways in which someone can achieve training, certifications, or even degrees from accredited universities, colleges, and institutions, allowing for those who have other responsibilities in life - such as a high paced job or a family - are able to participated these types of programs. The type of program that you choose is wholly dependent on what you want. Are you looking for a certification or a degree? Are you wanting to dabble or are you looking to make this a career? These questions will of course need to be answered before going ahead with a decision; some courses will require an upfront payment, while others are free.

    O'Reilly School of Technology

    An online schooling program, O'Reilly is partnered with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in order to bring several variety of different courses from programming to Linux to of course, web design. The beginning course is that of the introduction to HTML and CSS, the very basics of web design before leading up the programming involved, such as Java, PHP, or C#. Courses start as low as $299 and are completely self paced.

    University/College Degree

    If your interests lie more in getting an actual degree for web design, there are many online universities and colleges that offer degrees in web design. Universities like University of Phoenix, DeVry, and Kaplan have several programs in all measures of IT.

    Learning for Free

    If money is an issue, you can also try learning the art from scratch. Several websites offer beginning tutorials on learning web design, as well as video tutorials. YouTube has many videos, as well as Adobe, in order to help you get started. If you want to learn offline, there are plenty of beginner books, like the Dummies series, found in your local library or book store.

    Home study programs to learn web design are all around the web and your community; nothing should stop you from following your dream of web design.

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