Learning Other Languages

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  • Pig Latin: A Word Game That has Lasted Longer than the United States

    The word game we know as Pig Latin was played by Thomas Jefferson in his youth, and there are a number of references to it throughout the 19th century. Learn about its history, how to use it, and how to access Google in Pig Latin. Learn Holiday greetings...
    By Rebecca Scudder May 13, 2011 

  • Learn the Chinese Characters to Build Younger Extended Chinese Family Structures

    Chinese families are hierarchical and paternal, (father’s families are internal and mother’s families are external). There is a title for each immediate and extended family member on both paternal and maternal side. Generally, they're...
    By Sujanti Djuanda December 19, 2010 

  • Avatar in China: Lesson Plan on Chinese Government

    The People's Republic of China is a culture and society that is difficult for foreigners to fully appreciate, and a case study will help us understand both the government and its opposition. The opening of the film "Avatar" offers a window...
    By davidmakofsky April 12, 2010 

  • Native American Languages: Past, Present & Future

    Who has not heard the famous tales of Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and Chief Joseph? These prominent Native American leaders, while chiefs of different tribes, all three were involved in a struggle to resist and defend their people against the encroachment...
    By Renae Haug March 7, 2010 

  • Russian Possessive Pronouns

    Learn to use Russian possessive pronouns to introduce people and state who something belongs to. Includes an exercise and a download of the complete table (nominative case).
    By Gillian Hendrie June 16, 2009 

  • What's This? Basic Russian Grammar: Gender of Nouns

    Learn about the gender of nouns in the Russian language and practice what you learn using the categorizing exercise. Ask about the names of items ("What is this?"). A download of all vocabulary used is available.
    By Gillian Hendrie June 15, 2009 

  • A First Lesson in Scots Gaelic

    Learn a few simple sentences in Scots Gaelic. Use the verb "to be" with adjectives and ask some questions.
    By Gillian Hendrie May 7, 2009 

  • Ways to Learn Hebrew

    Hebrew is the language of the ancient Judaic world, The holy language of the Jewish people is what some of the most respected religious texts of our world are written in. It is a language in which many people would love to be proficient. Here are online...
    By Baby Rani October 27, 2008 
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