Teaching and Learning French

  • Telling Time in French

    Whether you want to ask for the time, or you want to plan a get-together with a friend sometime in the future, it is vital to know how to tell time. There are a few cultural notes, some simple formulas, and some vocabulary words and phrases that will...
    By R. H. August 11, 2011 

  • Love Poems Written In French: Teaching Ideas

    French, popularly known as the “language of love”, has a long tradition of poets creating beautiful love poems. However, delving into the poetry of a foreign language is often an intimidating prospect. This article outlines some basic ways...
    By allychevalier May 25, 2011 

  • Learn French: Adverbs of Place, les Adverbs de lieu

    French adverbs of place, les adverbes de lieu, describe where something is or where something occurs. Read on to learn the most common French adverbs of place, and how to use them.
    By R. H. September 30, 2009 

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