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Language Learning is an incredibly diverse topic, and one that is profoundly affected by advances in technology and communication. The benefits of being able to speak and share opinions with people across the globe are many. Increasingly available software programs and self-paced study have brought language learning in to the homes of many more households.
Managing Editor, Laurie Patsalides, and a talented team of educators and writers, explore both the theory and practical application of language in today’s culture, as well as provide historical insight in to distinct language or dialects. Discover interesting and in-depth articles, such as how the Irish Language, once on the Endangered Languages List, is being saved or how learning a new language can help bridge cultural misunderstandings. Educators and language students alike will find valuable information on how to develop excellent second language speaking habits or on understanding the basics of second language acquisition theory.
You will also find authoritative translation and language software reviews of well-known products such as Rosetta Stone Spanish and Power Translator Pro 11. Bright Hub’s high quality education and technology articles on language learning provide a wealth of information and tips on learning to speak a Foreign Language such as Spanish or French, as well as buying guide’s designed to help you find the best language learning program for your money.
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Sequence of Tense Definition

If you’re telling a story in the past tense, jumping to the present can be confusing. Likewise, if you begin a sentence in the present and suddenly use the past, it can be confusing and illogical. Observing the proper sequence of tense is one of the skills learners of Spanish need to master.

Cane Toads: Environmental Lesson Plan For ESL Learners

Cane toads are a devastating pest causing havoc to Australian wildlife in the north. But determined groups of locals are getting together to stop their relentless march across the country. Explore this environmental lesson plan for ESL learners with a focus on vocabulary and comprehension.

Christmas in the Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines is the only country in Asia where Christians are the majority. Catholicism came from Spain in the late 1500s and while many Filipino Christmas traditions come directly from the religioius calendar and would be recognizable to all Catholics, others are home-grown.

The Variety of Columbian Dialects: El Choquano

The Choquano is a dialect composed by many local dialects in the Department of the Choco. The dialects which grew with the mix of African and Indigenous languages created a new one, who reflects the tradition and the joy of people of living in a beautiful land by the sea.

Review: Tell Me More Italian Premium: An Immersive Learning Experience

Tell Me More Premium Italian offers a whopping 900-plus hours of language learning in one convenient and complete package. Tell Me More Premium Italian teaches you to understand, speak, read, and write Italian. Italian grammar, structure, and culture are also covered in this comprehensive package.

Instant Immersion French Review- Affordable and Easy to Use

Instant Immersion French Deluxe 2.0 is perfect for students, travelers, anyone on a budget, or on a schedule to learn French fast. It has it all; audio CDs for vocabulary practice, a French-English dictionary on CD, and the Talk to Me multimedia CDs for reading, writing, listening, and speaking.