Teacher Tips

A perfect day in the classroom does not exist, but if you follow these teacher tips you can get awfully close! Find articles, advice, suggestions and techniques written by and for teachers. Learn how to tackle difficult problems such as bullying and unmanageable students. Keep your schedule running smoothly by getting organized and sharing classroom management secrets. Join Bright Hub's K-12 Education Channel to share and learn from experienced educators and professionals.

Click Away Carbon Emissions

With a bit of background about greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, most students will jump at any opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. And, in the age of the Internet, it no longer takes a huge commitment – just a few clicks!

Reading Readiness Lesson Plans

Discover ways to make the most of reading aloud with children! Take advantage of natural learning times to get your child ready for school success with these extension activities.

Learner rights

Like in any community, children have rights. This is no different in the classroom community. Teachers should instill the basic rights of all learners in the classroom from day one.

The Benefit of Giving Children Choices

As parents, educators and adults in general we, oftentimes, are tempted to tell children what it is that they should do, play, and be. My experience with children has taught me that this is not the way to go. My way of thinking has developed throughout the years.