Teacher Tips

A perfect day in the classroom does not exist, but if you follow these teacher tips you can get awfully close! Find articles, advice, suggestions and techniques written by and for teachers. Learn how to tackle difficult problems such as bullying and unmanageable students. Keep your schedule running smoothly by getting organized and sharing classroom management secrets. Join Bright Hub's K-12 Education Channel to share and learn from experienced educators and professionals.

Preparing for the First Day of School

The first day of school is rapidly approaching, so it is time to start preparing for the beginning of school. It is time to start photocopying documents, writing lesson plans, and establishing that old routine.

Top Ten List: Ways for Teachers to RELAX

This article examines activities that teachers can do while they are still enjoying summer break and able to relax. Soon, classes will be in session, and many teachers will be too busy and too tired to enjoy their time away from the class room.

NYC Teaching Certificate: Masters Education

So now you have the Initial Certificate and you are teaching in a New York classroom, is this the end of your own learning? Absolutely not. As a teacher you still have professional training requirements that must be met. Here we will take a look at what these requirements entail.