Fun Classroom Activities

Make learning fun with these creative ideas and classroom activites. You'll find lesson plans, crafts and seasonal projects such as making turkey apples, candy for Biology and more.

Flower Pens: A Craft for Mother’s Day

Looking for ideas for kids crafts for Mother’s Day? This fun craft will be appreciated all the more since it is useful as well as decorative! Follow the instructions in this article to complete this Mother’s Day activity.

Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day Hats

This is a fun activity that allows early elementary students to express their creativity and individuality! The Leprechaun Hat activity is an activity for the whole class, including the teacher. If you are looking for something fun and inexpensive for your students, this is the activity for you!

President’s Day: Snack: Coconut Balls

This classroom recipe can be done with any age group. Kindergarten students will enjoy it as much as high school kids. Since no baking is required, students can make these in class and then eat them right away.

A Christmas Stocking Class Project

The first week of December you can create some stockings with your students. Each student can follow along with you as you create your stocking. Then you can hang them up along your classroom windows in hopes that Santa will visit one night before Christmas vacation.