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  • Tips to Ensure High Scores on Standarized Tests

    Do you want to raise your students' test scores? Of course, you do. This article offers five suggestions that will help your students do their best.
    By Lady Lit March 18, 2010 

  • Essay Test over The Martian Chronicles

    This would work best as a take-home essay test, or you could use it as an essay for block-scheduling. It is geared for Pre-AP (honors) 8th grade, or regular 9th grade.
    By Peter Boysen August 20, 2009 

  • What is an AP Class?

    You may have heard the term AP, or you may know of someone who is taking an AP class or entered college as a sophomore because of AP classes. AP classes are Advanced Placement classes created by the College Board for high school students who hope to...
    By Pauline H. Gill October 27, 2008 

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