Elementary Education

  • What Would a School Without Grades Look Like?

    When implementing a curriculum that does not rely on grades to illustrate student growth, what could parents possibly rely on to know their child is making progress?
    By tstyles July 23, 2010 

  • Vocabulary Exercises with Captain Underpants

    Vocabulary exercises should be fun and what better way to get fun from learning than with a book of ridiculously, insane adventure! Captain Underpants strikes again through these vocabulary builders to get the whole class excited about language arts...
    By Deidra Alexander April 25, 2010 

  • Making Elementary Travel Lesson Plans

    Making elementary travel lesson plans can be lots of fun if you choose to focus on more than one topic at a time. Use the information here to make your travel lesson plans as fun as they are educational.
    By Kathy Foust November 22, 2009 

  • Try Raising Lifelong Readers By Reading the Best Children's Books!

    In my last article, I shared the importance of parents and educators reading to children at a young age. Now, I would like to share the books that are at the top of the "must read" list for children's books. Hey, if you are going to read to...
    By AmandakShannon October 9, 2009 

  • Let's Get in Shape! How Exercising the Brain and An Active Learning Environment Benefits All Students

    Students will be sharper and more willing to learn if they exercise their body as well as their brain. Read on for ideas on how to get your students engaged in active learning environments.
    By tstyles September 7, 2009 

  • Natural Cleaning

    This is a fun and inexpensive chemistry experiment that teaches students about the natural process of cleaning through using natural chemicals. Students will enjoy doing this project.
    By Kathy Foust June 30, 2009 

  • The Thank You Box: A Classroom Project for Thanksgiving

    Teach your students about the true meaning behind the Thanksgiving holiday: giving thanks! Make a Thank You box with your classroom as a fun project. All you need is a shoe box and ordinary classroom supplies.
    By Alicia May 24, 2009 

  • Readers to Help Young Children Master the Literacy Basics

    Take home readers are a staple in most schools. They help young children share the reading process with their families, and provide an opportunity for frequent practise and skill development. This article looks at the National Geographic series fo readers...
    By Anne Vize December 24, 2008 

  • Pilgrims & the First Thanksgiving: Kindergarten Lesson

    Teach your class about Pilgrim families and the first Thanksgiving. Children will learn historical facts through games, math and language skills and art projects.
    By ARobin October 1, 2008 

  • Color Posters: A Kindergarten Collage of Color

    Teaching colors to kindergarteners can be done in so many ways. With this project, each child is given a poster board cut out of a particular color and should be instructed to find things of that color to glue on to the collage. This is a project that...
    By ARobin September 22, 2008 
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