Review: A Guide to Grammar and Writing

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Webster Grammar,or A Guide to Grammar and Writing as it is known today is an incredible resource for students. The beauty of online tutorials is that students can use them from the school or from home.


The site has many features including:

  1. It contains explanations of almost every term related to grammar.
  2. It provides examples of each definition and of each grammatical concept.
  3. It is written in language that ordinary students can understand. Students can walk themselves through the site with little assistance.
  4. It is self-paced.
  5. The website is easy to navigate, and the information is broken down by subject or by grammatical concept. Students can focus on areas in which they are struggling.
  6. It is free! There are no subscription fees or registration required. Key the website in your browser, and you have access to the site.
  7. The website contains quizzes that offer immediate feedback. A student can go through the lesson, read the information, and complete an online quiz that will be automatically graded. Students can view the results and the items missed.
  8. The site is comprehensive. It contains information on any topic pertaining to grammar and writing. The website is a useful resource for teachers.
  9. It is great to use for remediation or when working with students whose grammar skills are minimal. If a student fails a subject/verb agreement test in class, have the student visit the website, navigate through the information on subject/verb agreement, and complete the online quiz on subject/verb agreement.
  10. It presents grammar and writing in a fun and interesting way! The websites keeps students interested and engaged in the information.

Lesson Plan

Not only does the website offer students opportunities to pinpoint and improve their weaknesses, but teachers can also incorporate the PowerPoint presentations into their lectures.

For example, if you are teaching a lesson on sentence fragments. Under Powerpoint presentations, select Avoiding Sentence Fragments and download the presentation to your computer.

Offer your students an additional explanation of how to identify fragments from sentences.

Project the interactive quiz concerning sentence fragments on your SMARTboard and allow students the opportunity to answer the items together. This works as an assessment to see if students understand the material.