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Online Grades Made Easy: Edulink Software Review

written by: Trent Lorcher•edited by: SForsyth•updated: 12/2/2009

Have you ever noticed that when administrators introduce new technology to your school, it then takes twice as long to do the thing the technology was supposed to help with? Edulink is the exception. Improve parent communication with Edulink.

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    User Friendliness

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    The principal telephoned my room. "Mr. Daltrey, we need you next door. Mr. Townsend needs help." I raced over.

    "Mr. Townsend, what's wrong?"

    "Who are you, Tommy?" he snapped, "I can't believe these kids. They keep asking, 'I need to know what I got on the Greek and Latin roots assignment. Can I check my grades online?' over and over. They're not like my generation. We waited until grade day to get our grades--Can I check my grades online? Go stare at pictures of Lily online and leave me alone, I tell them--"

    "Mr. Townsend," I interrupted, "The kids are alright. They're referring to the Edulink Intouch system our school just adopted. It's really easy to set up. Let me show you..."

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    Edulink is much more than an online grade checking system. Check out these features:

    • Edulink allows for easy input of student data from Class XP and other school database programs.
    • Exporting scores from Easy Grade Pro and other grade programs is easy.
    • With proper identification, Internet users may access the following:
      • Student Demographic Data
      • Emergency Information
      • Disciplinary Incidents
      • Health Data
      • Immunizations
      • Course Requests
      • Class Schedules
      • Attendance
      • Grades
      • Deficiencies
      • Test Scores
      • Course History
      • Graduation Requirements
      • Transcripts
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    I'll be honest with you. I never had any problems, so I never had to access their online support. Here are some suggestions for making Edulink more efficient at your school:

    • Offer periodic, voluntary training.
    • Make a particular day of the weak mandatory for uploading grades.
    • Train a person in each department or school wing as an expert. Make sure he or she is friendly.
    • Have the computer person at your school set up a gradebook template and put it on the school server. The Internet display looks much more professional with uniformity.
    • Have the data imported from the school database into your electronic gradebook. Typos may prevent a student from showing up properly. With Edulink, unlike other online grades system, identifiers are easy to modify.
    • Upload your grades on Friday. Golf on Saturday.