Color Lesson Plan: Make a Color Train!

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Instructions to Create Color Posters

Poster board in a variety of colors (It will not matter if more than one child is given the same color, just be sure that their cut out object differs)

Here are some cut out ideas:

Blue: cut out a shape of pants, a blueberry, a blue crayon

Red: cut out the shape of a strawberry, a stop sign, a red crayon

Green: cut out the shape of blades of grass, a shirt, a green crayon (To create blades of grass, cut out a rectangle piece of poster board, then make uneven cuts across from the top of the rectangle to midway to the bottom. The cuts into the poster board will fringe on their own, creating the look of blades of grass.)

Yellow: cut out the shape of the sun, a light bulb, a yellow crayon

Purple: cut out shapes of a grape bunch, a flower, a purple crayon

White: cut out shapes of a cloud, a shirt, a pillow, a white crayon

Black: cut out shapes of a camera, a cooking pot, a car, a black crayon

Brown: cut out shapes of a tree (without leaves), sandcastle, boot, a brown crayon

Pink: cut out shaped of a dress, a ball a pink crayon

* Find a reproducible picture of each object. Copy it on to a copier-safe projector sheet, and transfer the picture of the item on to the piece of cardboard by using the projector. Enlarge to a size big enough to accommodate the items collected for the collage.

Extend the activity: Have students write the color word on their poster.

Display: Make a large bear. Just blow up a bear pattern with the overhead projector or on a poster maker. Have the bear pulling a train. Above each railroad car, place the color posters. Railroad cars can also be enlarged using a poster maker or overhead projector. Make a creative title for the display, like “We are Riding the Color Express” or something similar. This looks great underneath a bulletin board or along the baseboard in the hallway. This can also be used as an art project for a train theme.