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Geography ABC's ~ Indonesia

written by: Susan•edited by: Amanda Grove•updated: 12/29/2008

Come learn about the home of the Dani tribe and the Ngada people. Find out what the world's largest flower is called. Explore Indonesia.

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    More than 17,000 islands comprise this archipelago that crosses the equator, Indonesia is a land of wonders.

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    And learn....

    A is for angklung, a musical instrument made from different lengths and thicknesses of bamboo.

    B is for bahasa, the national language.

    C is for caci. Participants dueal with whips and shields during this a ceremonial martial art.

    D is for the Dani tribe located in the Baliem Valley

    E is for the Erau festival. During this festival the Dayaks dress is the traditional costume while tribal dances are perform.

    F is for Fort Rotterdam, built in 1667 by the Dutch.

    G is for gamelan, a form of ancient Indonesian music

    H is for the hairy nosed otter, thought to be be extinct but a small population has be discovered on one of the islands.

    I is for Ikat, a type of dying and weaving practiced in Indonesia.

    J is for the popular Javanese folk theatre, a truly amazing sight.

    K is for the Komodo dragon which can be only found in zoos or on the island of Komodo.

    L is for the legong dance, a classic Balinese dance performed by young girls.

    M is for mandi, a common form of bath.

    N is for the Ngada people, one of the many different cultures represented in Indonesia.

    O is for Odalan, a festival held every 210 days for the duration of the Balinese year.

    P is for Prambanan temples, considered to be the most beautiful Hindu Temples in the world.

    Q is for quick fact, did you know? Indonesia consists of 17,508 islands, but only about 6,000 are inhabited!

    R is for rafflesia, the world's largest flower at 3.2 feet.

    S is for siobak, a Balinese specialty. What is siobak? It's pig’s head, stomach, tongue and skin cooked with spices.

    T is for topeng, the wooden masks used in dance dramas and funerals.

    U is for uang, Indonesia’s currency.

    V is for volcanoes. Indonesia has at least 129 active volcanoes.

    W is for wayang kulit, a shadow puppet play.

    X marks the spot.

    Y is for the Yellow Crested Cockatoo

    Z is for the zurzak fruit, a warty , green skinned fruit with a white center.