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President’s Day: Snack: Coconut Balls

This classroom recipe can be done with any age group. Kindergarten students will enjoy it as much as high school kids. Since no baking is required, students can make these in class and then eat them right away.

Click Away Carbon Emissions

With a bit of background about greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, most students will jump at any opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. And, in the age of the Internet, it no longer takes a huge commitment – just a few clicks!

Homeschool Math Curriculum- Advice for Homeschooling Parents

Last year I tried Modern Curriculum Press’s Mathematics Level C for homeschooling my daughter in the 3rd grade. The book was boring and my daughter lost interest in Math. I had to switch curriculum during the school year, which cost more money.

Combat Bullying: Five Online Resources

Dealing with bullies can seem like an endless battle where the biggest fights erupt at the most inconvenient times. As teachers, it’s important that we have our own arsenal of ammunition that we can pull up in a pinch. Here are five essential Web sites to bookmark for your next bully battle.

Reading Readiness Lesson Plans

Discover ways to make the most of reading aloud with children! Take advantage of natural learning times to get your child ready for school success with these extension activities.

Learner rights

Like in any community, children have rights. This is no different in the classroom community. Teachers should instill the basic rights of all learners in the classroom from day one.

Color Lesson Plan: Make a Color Train!

Teaching colors to kindergarteners can be done in so many ways. With this project, each child is given a poster board cut out of a particular color and should be instructed to find things of that color to glue on to the collage. This is a project that can be done at home or in the classroom.

A Christmas Stocking Class Project

The first week of December you can create some stockings with your students. Each student can follow along with you as you create your stocking. Then you can hang them up along your classroom windows in hopes that Santa will visit one night before Christmas vacation.

Raising Lifelong Readers : The Best Children’s Books

In my last article, I shared the importance of parents and educators reading to children at a young age. Now, I would like to share the books that are at the top of the “must read” list for children’s books. Hey, if you are going to read to your children and students, why not read the best?

Review of Hyde’s Latin Unseen Translation

The fifth in a series of articles aiming to enable teachers and students of Latin to make informed decisions regarding the purchase and use of textbooks and grammars. In this article, Roy Hyde’s Latin Unseen Translation is reviewed.

Review of North and Hillard’s Latin Prose Composition

The sixth in a series of articles aiming to enable teachers and students of Latin to make informed decisions regarding the purchase and use of textbooks and grammars. In this article, North and Hillard’s Latin Prose Composition for Schools is reviewed.

Review of Kennedy’s Revised Latin Primer (Longman)

The second in a series of articles aiming to enable teachers and students of Greek to make informed decisions regarding the purchase and use of textbooks and grammars. In this article, Kennedy’s Revised Latin Primer, edited and further revised by Sir James Mountford, is reviewed.

The Benefit of Giving Children Choices

As parents, educators and adults in general we, oftentimes, are tempted to tell children what it is that they should do, play, and be. My experience with children has taught me that this is not the way to go. My way of thinking has developed throughout the years.