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Our managing editor for the K-12 Education Channel is Laurie Patsalides, an experienced writer and educator with more than 10 years in the field. She will guide teachers, educators and life-long learners through the diverse world of education, including reviews on the latest education software or textbook, discussions on technology in the classroom, or advice on teaching teenagers and children of all ages. If you are subbing get some substitute teaching tips. If you’re looking for creative lesson plans such as this article on Putting Students in Real-Life Situations or cool science experiments such as this article on How To Make A Wind Tunnel, you’ll find those and many more here. If you need help on the social or psychological aspects of your students you’ll find articles on integrating diversity into your classroom, preventing bullying and nature-deficient disorder.
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Budget Lesson Plans: Planning an Event

Budget lesson plans need to teach students about managing their own finances as well as being able to manage larger finances, such as for specific events. Use this fun lesson plan to teach students how to create and manage an event budget. Their reward will be great if they budget right!

Preparing for the First Day of School

The first day of school is rapidly approaching, so it is time to start preparing for the beginning of school. It is time to start photocopying documents, writing lesson plans, and establishing that old routine.

Budget Lesson Plans: Your Community

Use this budget lesson plan to let students see how tax dollars are spent. Students will enjoy the debating aspect of this lesson plan as they try to determine how the community could be better served.

Top Ten List: Ways for Teachers to RELAX

This article examines activities that teachers can do while they are still enjoying summer break and able to relax. Soon, classes will be in session, and many teachers will be too busy and too tired to enjoy their time away from the class room.

2nd Grade Reading and Literature – A Review of The Granny Series

The ‘Granny’ series of books is ideal for using as first chapter books with early elementary students. There are many linked lesson plans to use, and the books have lots of cool pictures to keep kids interested and build comprehension. Grannies have never been so appealing!

Chemistry Experiments with Carbonation

Chemistry experiments can be lots of fun to do with kids. Especially when they get to transform themselves into a foaming at the mouth creature using carbonation! Try this inexpensive experiment to show your students how fun learning can be!

Chemistry Experiment with Copper

This is a fun and inexpensive chemistry experiment that teaches students about the natural process of cleaning through using natural chemicals. Students will enjoy doing this project.

History Lesson Plan on FDR Day of Infamy Speech

On December 8, 1941, the day after the Pearl Harbor attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the US Congress. In one of the most famous speeches in US history, FDR urged Congress to declare war on Japan. This lesson plan focuses on the speech and its effect on American public opinion.

Animal Science Projects Using Non Fiction Science Books

For some, animal science projects are an easy option when it comes to teaching science in elementary school. But with a few good non fiction science books in hand, inquiry learning through an animal science project can reach a whole new level. Check out this new book!

Asteroid Lesson Plan

Exploring what asteroids are is a lot more interesting when you can see the impact that they have directly on you. This is the idea behind this asteroid lesson plan using the Torino Scale.