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The K-12 Education Channel at Bright Hub is your new teacher’s lounge. Here you’ll find articles written by experts in the field offering the advice and information you need on everything from lesson plans, teaching tips and advice, to education software reviews, ideas on classroom management and fun science projects. Whether you are starting out and need some new teacher tips, are substitute teaching, homeschooling, or have been teaching for years, there is guidance, advice, tips and ideas for everyone.
Our managing editor for the K-12 Education Channel is Laurie Patsalides, an experienced writer and educator with more than 10 years in the field. She will guide teachers, educators and life-long learners through the diverse world of education, including reviews on the latest education software or textbook, discussions on technology in the classroom, or advice on teaching teenagers and children of all ages. If you are subbing get some substitute teaching tips. If you’re looking for creative lesson plans such as this article on Putting Students in Real-Life Situations or cool science experiments such as this article on How To Make A Wind Tunnel, you’ll find those and many more here. If you need help on the social or psychological aspects of your students you’ll find articles on integrating diversity into your classroom, preventing bullying and nature-deficient disorder.
Educators, teachers, school psychologist and students are invited to join in the discussion at Bright Hub’s K-12 Learning & Education Channel. We want to hear what you have to say! Discuss and comment on our many articles. Share lesson plans and ideas and gain from one another’s invaluable experience.

Elementary Travel Lesson Plans

Making elementary travel lesson plans can be lots of fun if you choose to focus on more than one topic at a time. Use the information here to make your travel lesson plans as fun as they are educational.

Three Autumn Math Activities Your Students Will Love

The leaves are red, orange and yellow, and your students seem far more interested in them than in your math class. Why not connect the season to what they’re learning? These three activities are the perfect way to build both fun and learning into the fall season.

Second Grade Math Activities

Second graders often struggle with math. As a teacher, making math fun can be a challenge. These second grade math activities will both teach your students important math concepts and help them actually enjoy learning!

Math Activities for Kids

Use these math activities for kids to keep your students in the learning mode even as they are having fun! Teaching is so much more rewarding when students don’t realize they are being taught!