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In-School Initiative Ideas for Businesses

What’s the most popular course at Yale University this year? It’s not English Composition, American Government, or any other foundational course; it’s Psychology and the Good Life. This semester, nearly a quarter of Yale’s undergraduates signed up to learn how to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

The Trade School vs. College Debate: Reloaded

In the past, a vocation school education — aka trade school training — was considered second-best when compared to a standard four-year college bachelor’s degree. Economic upheaval has changed the playing field. Trade school careers might actually be the answer to fiscal woes of future grads.

Unemployment Discrimination: The Final Insult

Are you looking for a job, like one-tenth of Americans these days? Have no fear! You are prepared to stand up against any discrimination issues—but something that might still hinder your search is the fact that you actually need a job. It’s called unemployment discrimination. What’s up with that?