Preparing for College

Preparing for college can be intimadating, so let us help you! You’ll find tips on choosing a college, how to write a college essay, advice on applying for scholarships and more. These tips for students and parents are provided by professional teachers, writers and educators at BrightHub’s Homework Channel.

Top Ten College Campus Visit Questions: What You NEED to Ask

Your college campus visit questions will surely include more than ten topics, but these are some of the need-to-know items that you should be sure to inquire about on each college visit. From campus housing to academic offerings, these are the questions every student should ask.

Best Way to Prepare for the SAT: Tips and Help

Students stress too much over the SAT. Find some helpful tips to ease stress and learn the best way to prepare. If you feel in control then you are much more likely to be calm, which in itself will help your performance. Quit stressing out and follow these top tips to success.

SAT Test Scores Explanation And Analysis

If you’re preparing to take the SAT and are wondering how the test scores are calculated, then this explanation will come in handy. The SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, consists of three sections that are scored separately and then combined for a total score. Learn how to read your test results.

Planning for college: make it fun.

Preparing for college can seem chaotic, especially to parents encouraging their childrens success. Cooperation and collaboration are key to ensuring the preparation process flows with ease.

Getting Ready to Take an English College Course

Most freshmen will be required to take an English college course. To make this course a little less daunting, and a little more enjoyable, students can ready themselves with these tips. Read about the preparation for college English and how you can achieve success in this important class.

ACT or SAT Which is Better? Learn if Colleges Prefer ACT or SAT

If you are beginning to think about college, you will probably begin preparing to take a standardized admissions test. You might be asking yourself, “Do colleges like the ACT or the SAT better?” Continue reading to learn the differences between the two tests and which one colleges prefer.

TOEFL – Tips and Tricks that You Can Use to Achieve a Higher Score

Improving your chances of passing the TOEFL is quite simple and doesn’t require complex work. It requires 3 things: a) reading in English, b) studying the context of the exam, and c) having conversations in the language, as there are listening and speaking sections. Here’s my advice after taking it.