Preparing for College

Preparing for college can be intimadating, so let us help you! You’ll find tips on choosing a college, how to write a college essay, advice on applying for scholarships and more. These tips for students and parents are provided by professional teachers, writers and educators at BrightHub’s Homework Channel.

High School College Prep Timeline: Freshman and Sophomore Years

If you are a college freshman, there is no better way to have a successful high school career and eventually get into the college of your choice than by starting early — in your freshman year. Learn more about a high school college prep timeline that will ensure your success.

College Dropout: Top Reasons for College Dropout

We all know of people like Jon Stewart and Ben Affleck who dropped out of college and have been extremely successful, and while it may be the right decision for some, it’s worth looking at the various reasons why someone might drop out of college.

Top Books on College After High School

Looking for some advice on how to survive your first year of college? Reading any of these books on college after high school is a great way to prepare and get a good idea of what college life will be like.

A Look at the Degree Requirements for a Secondary Education Major

The national and state governments work to set guidelines for those who wish to teach in secondary education. However, it is necessary for most interested students to obtain a secondary education degree. Let’s take a look at the requirements that will make for a quality candidate in this field.

Guide to the 10 Things All College Students Need

There are 10 things all college students need; they are as crucial as the microwave for the dorm room and the notebook computer for the school work. If you are still caught up in a college supply shopping mode, take a breather and consider some of the ‘needs’ that inevitably outshine the ‘wants.’

How Long Does it Take to Get a Degree in Cosmetology?

Most aspiring cosmetologists would like to know the length of time it takes to get a degree in cosmetology. At this early stage, they should be aware that it takes more than a degree or training certificate to qualify as a salon worker. A working license is a basic requirement in all US states.

Becoming an Art Teacher: Education Requirements

Ever wondered what education requirements were needed in order to become an art teacher? One would need at least a Bachelor’s degree in any of the following: Visual Arts, Studio Arts, Fine Arts, or any art history. While experience in teaching is helpful, a degree in arts must be present first.

A Look at How to Prepare for College Abroad

Traveling and living abroad even for a short time can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To prepare for the journey, seek out and research tips on how to prepare for college abroad. Remember to prepare early and well. Then, just soak it all in and enjoy!