College Supplies

What are the college essentials? Find tips and lists on what you need for your college dorm room or your first apartment. Get tips on buying and paying for textbooks and other college necessities. Planning on traveling or studying abroad? Find out what to bring and how to pack for all your college adventures.

Finding Audio Books Textbooks To Help You Learn

Want to make better use of your time? Thanks to audio books, textbooks are now much more portable and allow studying while multitasking. Here’s your guide to finding the best audio textbooks and audio study guides for that next course, or just for the love of learning.

Decorate a Dorm Room with Recycled Materials: Helpful Tips

Moving into your college dorm room is an exciting experience! It can also be an expensive one, if you don’t own a lot of furniture and accessories. A great dorm room looks unique, feels comfortable, and doesn’t cost too much. The solution is to decorate a dorm room with recycled materials!

Example of an Off Campus Living Checklist

Moving into a dorm was a great step toward independence for you. But now you are looking to move out of a dorm and into your own apartment. Before you jump into that decision, make sure you’ve considered all your options through using an off campus living checklist.

Helpful Tips for College Students Buying Laptops

Computers can be expensive, especially for college students. College Students buying laptops can save money by looking past the wrapping, buying when stores offer discounts, and utilizing the Internet. Read on for more helpful tips for college students buying laptops!

Must-Have School Supplies You’ll Need for College

Incoming freshmen may be confused when they’re buying the school supplies needed for college — where do you start? Make sure you don’t waste your money on things you won’t need and invest your money in supplies that will serve you well through your college years without breaking the bank.

Your College Dorm Shopping List

For many young adults, moving into a dorm is their first taste of freedom. While the first focus may be on how much fun being in control of life is, eventually the reality of shopping and having to provide for one’s self will become obvious. This college dorm shopping list will make it easy.