College Supplies

What are the college essentials? Find tips and lists on what you need for your college dorm room or your first apartment. Get tips on buying and paying for textbooks and other college necessities. Planning on traveling or studying abroad? Find out what to bring and how to pack for all your college adventures.

Find College Books by Course Number

Welcome to your freshman year of college! You’ve taken the entrance tests, paid your fees, and now you’re ready to start. But how will you ever find college course books?

Being prepared in this first year goes a long way. Here, learn how to find college books by course number.

Where to Find the Best Places to Buy College Books

Finding cheap college textbooks can be an overwhelming task in itself. Certainly, the last thing that a college student wants to worry about is paying expensive shipping costs. But in a perfect world, college students should be able to purchase affordable textbooks, with reasonable shipping prices.

Is It Against the Law to Buy and Sell Back College Books?

Do you know the legalities of purchasing and selling back college textbooks? There are obvious advantages whether you are buyer or seller, but it’s wise to be in the know about the rules of selling back textbooks. Should you buy and sell them? Here are some of your best solutions.

Learn the Answers To: Where Can I Sell College Textbooks?

Do you know that if you don’t sell your textbooks right away, you may be losing tons of money? Do you know which websites not only buy your books, but pay for you to ship them? Do you want to sell your college textbooks, but not sure where to start? If you answered Yes, this article is for you.

Find out which are the Best Printers for College Students

Time to move to college and you’re still looking for a printer? Discover which top notch printer will fulfill printing, scanning, copying, and faxing needs. Whether it’s a fast printer, an all-in-one printer, or an affordable printer, there is an assortment of options for college students.

Start Packing for College Tips for When, Cost and More

You have been admitted into your favorite colleges. You have accepted the offer of the one school you want to attend. Now what? It’s time to start thinking about packing for college. Well, the earlier you start, the easier things will be for you. Read on to find out more.

About College Bedding Supplies

College bedding supplies can be tricky – what size are the beds? What does the college provide? What do you bring? And how do you tie all the decor together? This article can help!

Create Your Own College Theme Gift Basket

Are you thinking of giving a college themed gift basket and you are not quite sure what to do? This article has some suggestions for you. You can even compile your gift basket yourself while having fun shopping for your college student.

Ideas for Gifts for College Students’ Dorm Room

The perfect gifts for college students’ dorm room can be mind bogglingly difficult since every dorm room is like a snow flake. Parents should customize gifts instead of following trends. Provide only what is needed and not what is wanted.