Studying Tips

College isn’t all about parties, naps and pulling all-nighters with your friends. If you want to maintain your GPS, you’ll have to work in some study time! Get tips and advice on effective note-taking and reading comprehension as well as input on writing A+ essays, researching at the library, taking exams, working on a group project or presentation, and more.

Learn the ‘Write Tips’ for College Writing Assignments

For many college freshmen, writing papers is a challenge. Writing assignments are part of almost every college course and are in formats unlike those of most high school essays or papers. Preparation, time-management, and some helpful tips make the transition to college writing smooth.

Great College Class Project Ideas for Anthropology

From linguistics to archaeology, anthropology can be an extensive and varied discipline. The four fields of anthropology give students a holistic view of humanity, although most classes focus on one branch at a time. Get a pen and pencil ready because we’re going to go over some great project ideas!

Help to Compare Academic Writing and Ordinary Speech

You’ve just received a marked assignment and it’s covered with comments and a low grade. Your professor suggests improvement in your academic writing, by pointing out areas that were problematic. Learn the ins-and-outs of academic writing in this article, so you are prepared in college.

College Biology Learning Software: Extra Study Help

Even with great professors and excellent note taking skills, sometimes students still need extra help when it comes to college level Biology. Thankfully there are some great software programs to help with learning this subject matter.

Discover a College Freshmen Goal Setting Activity

This college freshmen goals setting activity can help you learn to set and reach your goals using an assignment you already have to do. Breaking down your larger goals into more manageable ones will help you reach your ultimate goal.

Suggestions for Software to Assist in Writing College Papers

When you choose the right software to assist in writing college papers, you can write quality papers with ease. Two main types of software are covered in this article: word processors and citation managers. The potential of voice to text programs will also be briefly discussed.

Learning Styles, College Stress, and Study Tips for College

We all learn in some way. Whether it is kinesthetic, visual, or auditory, every college student has a specific learning style. College stress for a student is hard to manage, however by understanding learning styles and study tips for college, we can adapt to anything.

How To Write a College Level Book Report

Writing a college level book report can be a very different task from what you did on similar assignments in high school. Here is what a critical book review should look like, along with some tips for writing a high-quality paper.

Tips for College Finals: How To Study for College Finals Week

Do you need tips for college finals, to study successfully and reduce your stress? There are five key strategies to study for college finals: creating a study plan, selecting a good study space, reviewing past exams and tests, finding study groups, and advice on how to survive finals week itself.

Learn How to Study for Anatomy and Physiology

Studying for any health care related field requires an in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology. Studying for these concepts can be challenging to say the least. Here are some tips on how to study for anatomy and physiology that can help you master these concepts.

Here is the Best Reference Guide for College Students

Whether you are thinking of going to college or have already committed to it there are a few books you should read. The best reference guide for college students depends a bit on your situation although a few of these are must haves for everyone.