Choosing a College

Find help on choosing the right college for you with Bright Hub’s collection of college reviews, comparisons and guides. Our expert articles will help you decide whether you want a two or four year degree and whether you should choose a community, public or private school. Learn the advantages and disadvantages to different schools and programs and decide which college is right for you based on school atmosphere, programs, price and education.

Study Tips & Skills for College Freshman

Congratulations! You are beginning college and will have many new experiences as you juggle courses and other activities. Studying in college can require different techniques than used in high school. Learn how to study as a college freshman to maximize your time inside and outside the classroom.

Considerations When Choosing the Right College

The perfect college or university selection is the key for a successful college experience. Public vs. private, academic and athletic scholarships, accessibility to airports, train stations and mass transit, transfer and drop out rates, courses offered, and safety are just a few prerequisites.