Choosing a College

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What are the Best Colleges to Study Clarinet in the US?

Finding the best colleges to study clarinet can be challenging but help is at hand. Let’s find them and learn how to evaluate the quality of the department’s expertise in clarinet performance and scholarship. Colleges covered include the Peabody, New England Conservatory and Northwestern.

Colleges Offering Degrees in Linguistics as a Major or Minor

While there are many US colleges offering degrees in linguistics, if you are consumed by the study of language, how it evolves and how humanity communicates through language, you’ll want more than just any old college — you want the best. What do courses involve, and where can they take you?

Seeking the Best College Degree Program for Military Retirees

Many individuals seek information about the best college degree program for military retirees since the government put into effect the Post-9/11 GI Bill program. This program furnishes eligible military personnel with the tuition and basic fees needed for pursuing degrees for higher learning.

The Best College Dance Teams in the USA

The National Dance Alliance and Universal Dance Association host the top two competitions for college dance teams. The 2010 College Dance team champions are listed by their various divisions.

Here are the Best Photography Colleges for Undergraduates.

There are many good colleges for photography students, but the best photography colleges for undergraduates provide access to a wide range of professional photography equipment. Other important factors are the overall curriculum, the availability of internships and the opportunity to exhibit work.

Five Best Geospatial Undergraduate Programs

Geospatial Intelligence is a growing field requiring education in the geospatial sciences. Here are the five best geospatial undergraduate programs that offer students the chance to earn a minor or certificate in this exciting new field of study.

Here are the Best Colleges with a History Undergraduate Degree

When considering the best colleges for an undergraduate degree in history, what is right for one student may not be right for another. Community resources, internships, the opportunity to be published, study abroad experiences and student organizations are all potentially important factors.

A Guide to the Best Universities for an English Major

Whether you’re thinking of specializing in literature, creative writing, or English education, there’s a college program that’s right for you. These are the ten best universities for an English major in each category, schools that will start you on your way to success.