Choosing a College

Find help on choosing the right college for you with Bright Hub’s collection of college reviews, comparisons and guides. Our expert articles will help you decide whether you want a two or four year degree and whether you should choose a community, public or private school. Learn the advantages and disadvantages to different schools and programs and decide which college is right for you based on school atmosphere, programs, price and education.

About the 4 Year Degree in Vet Tech: Tips and Where to Go

The Bachelor of Science in Veterinarian Technology degree is a degree pursued by students who wish to become veterinarian technologists, supervisors, or managers of a veterinary clinic. Many students also enter this program as a starting point for their education in becoming a veterinarian.

Guide to Find the Best College to Learn Computer Game Design

Finding a college to take classes on game design is easy, but only a few offer the best computer degrees specifically this career. Employers today, hire based on creativity that can attract even the most discriminating consumers; especially those with qualified degrees.

Top Internet Commerce Degrees in the United States

Learn what the top Internet commerce degree programs have to offer to students. This article discusses leading college programs in ecommerce and related fields of Internet business. Also find out about average salaries in the Internet commerce field.

Top 10 Accredited Colleges for Fast or Accelerated Degrees

Busy lifestyles sometimes make it difficult for adult learners to pursue higher education. However, the top 10 accredited colleges for fast degrees provide students with options to earn accelerated degrees in less time than traditional degrees. Regional accreditation validates these fast degrees.

Learn More about the Top Black U.S. Colleges

There are more than 100 colleges in the United States designated as historically black colleges and universities. Read on to learn more about which of these public and private colleges are the top black U.S. colleges.

Best 4-Year Fashion Merchandising Degree Schools in the U.S.

A career in fashion industry is attractive because of the high-pay and glamour it brings. The fashion industry, however, is now into using market data analysis for its business strategies; hence, graduates of 4-year fashion merchandising degree schools have become the employers’ ultimate choices.

Here are the Top Christian Colleges to Attend

As a Christian student aspiring to go to college, you are probably debating on what colleges to choose from. If you feel you want to grow spiritually, and be surrounded by like-minded people, a Christian college might be right for you.

Ten Top Literary Colleges in the United States

If you’re considering a major in literature, it’s probably because you love reading and studying cultures. It’s also important to choose the right school, one with the right kinds of courses. These are the ten top literary colleges in the US, chosen for their highly ranked literature programs.

Top Money-Making Technical Degrees

Two questions that predominantly occupy current and prospective college students are: What do I want to do for a living, and how much will I make doing that? Here we provide some information about the income levels for some of the top money making technical degrees.