Choosing a College

Find help on choosing the right college for you with Bright Hub’s collection of college reviews, comparisons and guides. Our expert articles will help you decide whether you want a two or four year degree and whether you should choose a community, public or private school. Learn the advantages and disadvantages to different schools and programs and decide which college is right for you based on school atmosphere, programs, price and education.

Helping Your Child Choose Their Best College

One of the most important decisions your child will make is which college they should attend. The preparation for entering and applying for colleges starts way before the senior year and should be a goal that you work on with your child from the time they enter high school.

Where to Get Money for College: Tips for Parents

Once you and your child have decided where they will go to college, it’s time to dig in and look for the funding options. This can be just as confusing as choosing a college to begin with. Below are a few of your options.

What are the 10 Best Colleges for Nursing?

Nursing is a popular choice for students who desire a practical and professional degree that will allow them to help people. A Bachelor’s in Nursing gives students broad training, while also providing exposure to a variety of specializations in the field.

A Guide to the Nation’s Top Colleges for an Undergraduate Degree

Schools compete for tuition dollars. Where does a student find academic excellence? Depending on a learner’s unique needs, talents and interests, there is a large choice available. Who’s rated at the top, and for which degrees or fields of study? Check out this guide to the nation’s top colleges.

Finding Student Loans for Junior Colleges

Finding student loans for junior colleges is not as easy as it sounds. High student default rates and lack of federal loan program participation make financing an associate degree difficult for some students. Would you know how to find suitable loan products?

An Introduction to Seminary Colleges

Interested in following in becoming a minister and tending to the spiritual needs of people? Earning a degree from one of America’s seminary colleges is one of the best ways to turn your religious passion into a successful career.