Paying For College

So you’ve chosen the college of your dreams, but how are you ever going to pay for your education? Learn how to apply for financial aid, grants, student loans and government aid. Also find tips on applying and winning scholarships as well as landing part-time jobs that can allow you to help pay for school while leaving you some room to study!

5 Smart Money Moves for College Seniors in Creating a Budget

Where are the smartest places for college seniors to put their money during their last year? Balancing fun with preparing for life after college is not an easy assignment. Here are five ways for seniors to make the most of their money before their college days are over.

Opening a College Checking or Bank Account: How to Choose the Best

Are you about to start college? If you don’t already have a checking account of your own, now is the perfect time to get started! Many banks offer special student accounts with features and benefits that can save you time and money. Find out how to choose a college student checking account.

Avoid College Financial Aid and Scholarship Scams

Are you looking for college scholarship programs? When you’re doing your research there’s a good chance that you’ll come across some financial aid and scholarship scams disguised as legitimate opportunities. Find out how to recognize and avoid these scams!

Where to Get Help Finding Money for College

College isn’t easy, and finding money for it is a test in itself before you even start. If you need help finding money for college, make sure you’re looking in all the right places. Let us direct you to some of the best and throw in some tips on what the best approach for you might be.

A Guide to Grants Available for Teachers

Of the many grants available to pursue degrees, the grants to teach are plentiful and leave a potential teacher with no excuse to avoid furthering their educatoin. Read further for more information on grants to teach.

College Student Budget

Being in college can be stressful when you really consider what your budget is. Many college students have a lot more expenses than they even realize and should be budgeting themselves even better than they currently are. Here are some ways to help you understand your budget.

What’s the Deal With Florida Prepaid College Plans?

We all know that thinking about long-term goals today can make it easier to afford them later, especially when it comes to saving for your child’s college fund. The prepaid plans from Florida College do sound really appealing, but what are you getting and is it worth your investment?

Can You Include Student Loans In Your Bankruptcy?

A common question asked by many people in financial trouble concerns being able to include a student loan in bankruptcy. The bad news is that student loans remain as a lifelong financial obligation regardless of bankruptcy status… although there are a few exceptions.

Getting Money for School as an Independent Student

Trying to get student financial aid as an independent student can be easy or hard–but never inbetween. Learn the benefits, and the pitfalls, of being considered independent for student aid purposes and if it’s the right approach for you.

Five Methods to Reduce or Eliminate Student Loan Debt

Student loan repayment seems inevitable. You cannot discharge student loan debt even in a bankruptcy. However, there are five tried-and-true methods for discharging or neutralizing student loan debt, and savvy consumers can apply these methods to reduce student loan debt.