Paying For College

So you’ve chosen the college of your dreams, but how are you ever going to pay for your education? Learn how to apply for financial aid, grants, student loans and government aid. Also find tips on applying and winning scholarships as well as landing part-time jobs that can allow you to help pay for school while leaving you some room to study!

The Best College Saving Accounts Available

College isn’t cheap and costs continue to go up. Saving for college over the long-term is one way to beat the high cost of attending college. Using the best college savings accounts ensures that you’ll have all the help you can get.

Out of State Tuition Fees: A Guide

There are a myriad of ways to waive out of state fees and qualify for in state fees. Learn about the different ways and which schools have the cheapest out of state tuition fees. Find schools regionally that offer the cheapest out of state tuition.

Finding and Pursuing Technical School Grants

Are you looking to start a new technical career or transition into one? Technical and vocational schools provide a viable source of training for those starting new careers or transitioning into ones. Find out what technical school grants exist to help you pay for your new career path.

Default: Student Loan, What it Is and What to Do

Defaulting on a student loan comes with serious consequences that should be considered. There are a number of ways to work with student loans from repayment plans to forbearance or deferment. We are going to define what a default on a student loan is and what to do if you are currently in default.

What is the Best Vanguard Fund for College Savings?

What is the best Vanguard Fund for college savings, if one wants to save for college for a loved one? Here we describe various funds for your convenience. You may be able to decide by just knowing what’s available. If you still need help, Vanguard’s own tools may help you decide.

Cashing in Saving Bonds for College

Cashing in savings bonds for college can help students pay for their tuition but not their room and board. Follow the steps outlined in this article and request a Form 1522.