Career Preparation

Believe it or not, your college degree is preparing you for a career! It’s never too early to start thinking about what to do with your degree and students will often find it helpful to attend job fairs, apply for an internship, or land a part-time job in a field that interests them. So it’s your senior year of college and you still don’t know what to do? Don’t panic! Bright Hub’s collection of tips and articles will help you decide what job is best for you and where you can start applying for work after you graduate or whether you should consider furthering your education.

5 Traits of Success in College & in Life

Let’s face it; college is a transitional part of life. It’s a time of fun, adventure and risk-taking, transitioning us from being immature takers, to being mature and givers of society. At least this is the goal of college. Your success depends in a large part on your attitude and work ethic.

How to Choose Marketable College Degrees with an Eye on the Future

Today’s weird majors are the contract majors of yesteryear. Heavy on social consciousness, they nevertheless do not cut the mustard with employers looking for qualified candidates. Marketable college degrees must factor in changes in industry as well as the job market. How does your degree compare?

What Are The 10 Top Cities for College Graduates?

Find out about the best places to live in the U.S. after you graduate from college. Large and small cities are all represented in this top 10 cities for college graduates article. Cities profiled include Austin, TX; Madison, WI; New York City and Washington D.C.

How to Find Internships for a Physics Major

This article provides advice on finding internships as a physics major. It explains what to expect, where to go, and logistics such as paid vs. unpaid internships. The article also includes a list of top physics internships.

What to Get For a Police Officer Graduate Gift

Criminal justice degree programs are becoming very prevalent in many colleges and popular with recent high school graduates. Many of these graduates move on to the police academy and other departments. This poses a question; what do you get for a police officer graduate gift?

School Counselor: Education Requirements in College

Most of the education requirements of a school counselor apply to what you do while pursuing your master’s degree. But careful planning and choice of major while earning your bachelor’s degree will help prepare you to succeed in this challenging but important field of study.

Forensic Science as a College Major: What You Need to Know

Forensic Science is a very interesting career that requires individuals to be highly focused, professional, and knowledgeable. The good news is, there are many great college programs that teach students the best in evidence collection and crime laboratory procedures. Let’s learn more.

What Can I Do With a Major in Business? The Answer is Plenty!

Studying business provides exposure to a variety of fields such as management, communications and marketing. A business background presents you as a well-rounded individual and can lead to great opportunities in the workforce. Discover opportunities and what you can do with your major in business.