Campus Life

  • College Students, Get that Summer Job with High Pay!

    Not all jobs pay the same. Learn about some employment opportunities that pay students well during the summer months.
    By  Laura Powell May 30, 2014 

  • Want a Better GPA? You'll Have to Work For It!

    Students who work part-time throughout college have higher GPA’s and are more marketable than those who don’t. Workers who hold down full-time jobs and study part/full-time are more likely to burn out, drop out or just take much longer...
    By Amanda Trosen May 23, 2014 

  • Sending College Grad Announcements and Invitations: A How-To

    You already know that writing graduation invitations can be a very tedious process that no one wants to mess up! Cut down on the amount of time writing them with these easy guidelines.
    By Jarod Saucedo May 9, 2014 

  • 5 Reasons to Never Skip Class

    Enrolling in college can be a personally and professionally beneficial experience, and, believe it or not, attending your classes greatly contributes to this experience. It may seem tempting to keep hitting that snooze alarm, but you pay a price for skipping...
    By Mike Piero May 2, 2014 

  • Tips on Managing your Money While in College

    It may be hard to think about now, but after you graduate you'll need to manage your money in order to pay off student loans and achieve financial independence. Learn how to stick to a budget while in college in order to ensure your long-term financial...
    By AngelicaMD August 5, 2013 

  • The Weight Gain Myth of the Freshman 15

    Going away to college? The last thing you are considering is weight gain, but there is a rumor that just won't die: "Freshmen gain 15 or more pounds in their first year of college." Is it true? For some students it might be, but...
    By Olivia Emisar December 9, 2011 

  • Common Spending Habits of College Students

    The demographic profile for today's college students has changed significantly over the past few years. College students are typically in their mid twenties and work part time jobs.
    By Terry Caron September 1, 2011 

  • Encouraging Your Homesick College Freshman

    Dealing with a lonely child away at college is as difficult for parents as it is for the new freshman. But you can find ways to help your child push through the emotional pain of being away from home for the first time.
    By Kira Jaines August 15, 2011 

  • Stress in College: How to Help Your Child Cope

    College stress should not be taken for granted. As parents what do you do to help your child cope? Find the answers to the questions - "How can I help my son who is stressed out?" or “How can I get my daughter to loosen up?”...
    By Fria Joyce D. July 19, 2011 

  • Advice for Parents who Miss their College Age Children

    So your child is off to college - what do you do now? Parents miss their college age children, but life must go on. Find some tips on how to survive the "empty nest syndrome" in this article.
    By Tania Cowling July 5, 2011 
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