Adult Learning in College

The learning needs of adult are unique. It’s never to late to go back to college, but adults have different learning needs than their younger counterparts. Bright Hub’s collection of information about adult learning needs, help for adults returning to college, tips for adult learning at the college level, successful testing, financial aid and more are sure to set you on the right track to return to school.

Online Learning and Adult Learners

Adult learners around the globe are finding a new freedom in learning skills and languages online in the convenience of their own home setting and on their time schedule. A large collection of resources and tools are accessible to these online adult ELL learners.

College Scholarships for Working Adults

This is for all those who want to continue their tryst with education even after years of leaving their school or college. Come and learn how you can manage your expenses and achieve your dream as well.

Finding a Scholarship for Adults Going Back To College

Adults who feel they can go further with their career by completing their college degrees are now in search of scholarships for adults going back to college. These are also known as college re-entry scholarships for non traditional students who will pick up where they left off with their studies.

The Benefits of Going Back to College as an Adult

Do you feel intimidated about the thought of returning to school as an adult? Choosing to invest in an education is a good idea no matter what your age. Learn more about the benefits of returning to school for both your career and personal life goals.

How To Find Your Grant: Women Back to School Health Care Funding

Federal agencies, individual institutions, and philanthropic foundations have all been known to grant women back to school health care funding. Knowing what funding is available, who is eligible, and where to find it are essential first steps to making the change to a new career.

Goal Setting Tips for Adult Students

Adult students often have their own unique set of challenges when returning to school. They have different priorities and goals to those of their younger classmates, therefore it’s important to realize that what goals you set should reflect this. Here are some goal setting tips for adult students.

Going Back to College? Adult Student FAQ

Learn the answers to adult student faq. We provide answers on everything from the online system used at most colleges to integrating in classes with younger students to classroom questions in general. We will also discuss how to balance work and school.