Admissions: Applying to College

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What is the Best Prep Book for ACT Test?

There are many that claim to have or know the best prep book for ACT test readiness. While it is true most prep books allow students to engage in the same level as every other prep book, it is important to distinguish the best of all these best prep books and to learn to avoid false advertising.

Admissions Criteria for Culinary Colleges: A Helpful Guide

Admissions criteria for culinary colleges are frequently as strict as the popularity of the locale dictates. As some schools focus on preparing students for basic food service jobs, others set out to train up the next Emeril. Culinary admission requirements follow suit.

When Should H/S Seniors Apply for College? You Decide!

Senior year can be exciting: prom and the like. You are coming of age, about to leave high school and possibly leave home. But what should you do at each stage of high school so as to get into college? When should high school seniors apply to college to ensure maximum success? Read on to find out.

Writing the College Application Personal Statement

The personal statement is one of the most important components of your college application packet. There are no formulas for writing it, yet it can make or break your college plans. So how do you write that killer personal statement to get you into your top-choice school? Read on.

How to Overcome the High School Grades and College Success Bias

High school grades and college success are joined at the hip – at least in the minds of college admission personnel. So what can the aspiring college student with the less than stellar high school GPA do to still make it into college? Do bad high school grades lead to automatic rejections?

Improve SAT and ACT Scores with These Tips and Tricks

When you want to improve SAT and ACT scores, the trick is to use all the resources available to you. Don’t rely solely on your study guide – get involved with other students and challenge yourself before test time to get the best results.

Helpful Hints for Completing a College Admissions Application

When it comes to the college application process, you want to get organized in order to make sure that you come off as professional, motivated and dedicated to the school to which you are applying. Here is a checklist to use when completing a college admissions application.