Admissions: Applying to College

Applying for college have you stressed? Get tips on writing your college entrance essay, going on interviews and completing entrance exams. Bright Hub’s tips, articles and expert advice will have you prepared to ace your college admission exam in no time!

Learn a College Application Tip for Success and More!

Note to high school seniors — Do not wait until the night of the deadline to fill out your college applications. Start early!

If you started early or waited until the last minute, these tips can help you to find success in filling out the all important college application.

How to Have a Successful College Interview

College interviews may be required by the university you wish to attend or they may be optional. Some colleges do not do them at all. Some colleges only bring students in for scholarship interviews. You need to do your research to see if the college of your choice requires one.

Listing Special Talents on College Applications

If you have been filling out applications for college and ran into a field for “special talent”, then you may be wondering what a special talent for college applications is and what you should put under this field. Read on for tips on filling out this part of the application.

Accreditation of TEFL Courses

TEFL and TESOL courses are rising in demand as English language goes global. The accreditation of TEFL courses has set a standard of distinction worldwide. Colleges, universities and community colleges offer accredited programs for students in English language .

Can College Credits Expire? Your Questions Answered

Life happened and you put your college classes on hold. Now it’s been 10 years and you want to go back. Are your classes still good? Can college credits expire? Do you have to retake all of them? This article debunks common myths about going back to school and explains how to get back on track.

The Process of Applying to a European College from U.S. Soil

That wonderful dream of yours to live and study in Europe for four years while getting a degree is not as far-fetched as you think. You may even be able to do it tuition free. How’s that for a pleasant surprise, given the high tuition costs in the U.S.? Read on to learn more.

Overlooked Facts on College Admissions for Applicants

There are a number of facts on college admissions that students should know well ahead of graduation. While the difficulty of enrollment and problems of acceptance are sometimes exaggerated, there are nevertheless some steps to take that better the odds of getting into the college of your choice.

Can You Go to College Without a High School Diploma?

Looking to move your life forward? Want to go to college but you have run into a few roadblocks? Is it possible to get into college without a high school diploma? If you answered yes to the first two then I can tell you the last question is also a yes. Read on and find out how!

Basic Information on College Applications

Applying for college can be a stressful time for the high school senior or other college applicant. Learning about the basic information on college applications makes the application process less daunting. This article describes the basic elements of an average application.