Admissions: Applying to College

Applying for college have you stressed? Get tips on writing your college entrance essay, going on interviews and completing entrance exams. Bright Hub’s tips, articles and expert advice will have you prepared to ace your college admission exam in no time!

Planning & Writing the College Admissions Essay

Many applicants become nervous when considering the admissions essay. After all, it does play a large part in the admission process. Writing it does not have to be stressful! Just keep the following guidelines in mind.

A Guide to the College Admission Process

Admission into college is often a stressful time for students. You need to know what deadlines and requirements are required for your particular school and where you can locate the money for tuition and textbooks. Establishing a schedule and knowing the process is part of the battle.

How to Write a Letter of Intent for University Entrance

Writing a letter of intent for university entrance is a requirement when applying to some colleges and universities. Like a business cover letter, this letter of intent not only announces your interest in the college and their programs but also allows them to get to know you.

Discover How to Understand SAT Subject Test Scores

SAT Subject tests are supplementary exams geared towards high school juniors and seniors. This guide will teach you how to understand SAT Subject test scores. Read on to figure out how your test is graded and what your score means.

How to Write an Essay for Honors College

This guide explains how to write an admissions essay for honors college. The straightforward advice thoroughly explains the process of writing the essay, as well as style tips and common mistakes to avoid.

The Right Vocabulary for Writing College Recommendation Letters

A college recommendation letter can make or break a student’s chances of getting in when competition is tough. That is why it is important to take everything seriously from the information you provide about a student, to the vocabulary for writing college recommendation letters.

What to Do With College Acceptance Letters?

Applying for colleges is an exciting time for students as it represents a sign of adulthood. The college admissions process may vary slightly but generally involves completing an application and waiting for an acceptance. So what should you do if you get an acceptance letter?