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The Best US Christian Colleges to Attend

written by: Destiny Keller•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 12/9/2011

As a Christian student aspiring to go to college, you are probably debating on what colleges to choose from. If you feel you want to grow spiritually, and be surrounded by like-minded people, a Christian college might be right for you.

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    College will be a major part of four years or more of your life, so it is important to choose one that feels right for you. Forbes has ranked the top ten Christian colleges to attend in the US with their own ranking system. This ranking system has been ranked as number one out of all the college ranking systems, because of their criteria. Forbes ranked the top ten Christian colleges to attend by these five criteria:

    1. If students like their courses
    2. How many students graduated in four years
    3. How many students achieved post graduate vocational success
    4. Debt amount students graduate with
    5. Faculty recognition
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    Top 5 Christian Colleges

    These top five Christian colleges were ranked among all the colleges nationally, and were given with their ranking order compared to all US colleges as well. Each of these colleges has a wide variety of majors to choose from, and are private colleges.

    1. Wheaton College: This non-denominational Christian college is ranked number 59 nationally. It is located in Wheaton, Illinois, on 80 acres of land. This is a private, four year college that is well known for its liberal arts program and has approximately 2,400 undergraduate students and a student to faculty ratio of 11 to 1.

    2. Westmont College: This Christian college is ranked number 81 nationally, and located on 130 acres in Santa Barbara, California. This college is a non-denominational Christian college. This private university is also well known for its liberal arts program, and has about 1,300 undergraduates and has a student to faculty ratio of about 12 to 1.

    3. George Fox University: This private Christian college is located in Newberg, Oregon, and sits on 108 acres of land. It is ranked number 134 nationally, and is affiliated with Evangelical friends. George Fox has around 1,900 undergraduates with a student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1.

    4. Pepperdine University: This Christian college is located in Malibu California, and sits on an astounding 830 acres of land! It is ranked number 142 in the nation, and affiliated with Churches of Christ. This private university has a little over 3,000 undergraduate students and has a student to faculty ratio of 12 to 1.

    5. Gordon College: This private college sits on 550 acres of land in Wenham Massachusetts. Gordon is ranked 160 in the nation and is non-denominational. Gordon has a student to faculty ratio of 25 to 1 or less, and has about 3800 undergraduate students.

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    Making a Decision

    Choosing a college is no easy task. When looking a colleges and deciding which one is right for you, take everything into consideration, including tuition, how homey it feels, how close you want to be to home, and the programs they offer. Be sure to visit the campus, and have a few back up colleges you plan on applying to. Talk with family members and friends about your choices, and start applying.

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