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Can You Include Student Loans In Your Bankruptcy?

A common question asked by many people in financial trouble concerns being able to include a student loan in bankruptcy. The bad news is that student loans remain as a lifelong financial obligation regardless of bankruptcy status… although there are a few exceptions.

Studying for Your Teacher’s License

Studying to take the exam your state requires to get your teaching license doesn’t have to be as stressful as you’d expect. Get insider tips to how to sail through your Praxis II or other state required tests.

Picking a Specialty in Education

Many first year education students have a hard time deciding which discipline they’d like to study. Should you teach elementary or secondary students? If secondary, what subject area would you be interested in? What about special education, ESL and computers? BrightHub takes a look at the choices.

Getting Money for School as an Independent Student

Trying to get student financial aid as an independent student can be easy or hard–but never inbetween. Learn the benefits, and the pitfalls, of being considered independent for student aid purposes and if it’s the right approach for you.

Five Methods to Reduce or Eliminate Student Loan Debt

Student loan repayment seems inevitable. You cannot discharge student loan debt even in a bankruptcy. However, there are five tried-and-true methods for discharging or neutralizing student loan debt, and savvy consumers can apply these methods to reduce student loan debt.

ESL Reading Tips and Shortcuts

When students begin their studies at the university, they often find themselves buried under a ton of readings for their classes.Their first reaction to this new reality is to panic. Instead, they should relax and breathe in deeply. There are non-traditional ways of reading to lighten that load.