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5 Traits of Success in College & in Life

Let’s face it; college is a transitional part of life. It’s a time of fun, adventure and risk-taking, transitioning us from being immature takers, to being mature and givers of society. At least this is the goal of college. Your success depends in a large part on your attitude and work ethic.

Getting the Most Value from the College Experience

How much is a college degree worth? One recent study shockingly reports that 40% of recent grads make $15,000 a year or less! Discover what students (and parents) should be aware of before plunking down large sums of money to a university.

Planning & Writing the College Admissions Essay

Many applicants become nervous when considering the admissions essay. After all, it does play a large part in the admission process. Writing it does not have to be stressful! Just keep the following guidelines in mind.

How to Choose Marketable College Degrees with an Eye on the Future

Today’s weird majors are the contract majors of yesteryear. Heavy on social consciousness, they nevertheless do not cut the mustard with employers looking for qualified candidates. Marketable college degrees must factor in changes in industry as well as the job market. How does your degree compare?

Freshmen Weight Gain: The Myths and Facts

Going away to college? The last thing you are considering is weight gain, but there is a rumor that just won’t die: “Freshmen gain 15 or more pounds in their first year of college.” Is it true? For some students it might be, but for the majority, keeping unwanted weight off is rarely a problem.

College Money For Young Cancer Survivors For 2014 and 2015

Find information about college money for cancer survivors, whose hopes for the future have been impacted by an incurable disease and its resulting financial burdens. Learn of the institutions offering scholarships on a nationwide scale and those that offer state-specific educational assistance.

Learn the ‘Write Tips’ for College Writing Assignments

For many college freshmen, writing papers is a challenge. Writing assignments are part of almost every college course and are in formats unlike those of most high school essays or papers. Preparation, time-management, and some helpful tips make the transition to college writing smooth.