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Listed here are some of our most popular software reviews organized by category. From top picks in the antivirus and security software industry to hobbyist favorites in photo and video editing to educational titles and language learning software, you will find reviews written and vetted by industry experts and talented science and technology writers within the field.

Reviews of Antivirus & Security Software

  • ESET Mobil Antivirus Review (Beta) - Developed for Windows Mobile phones, this review covers everything from installation, setup and performance to suggested features for future builds.

  • CyberScrub AntiVirus Lifetime -- This software claims to be a cheap, effective alternative to more expensive commercial offerings. Read Security Expert Ben Rothke's review and find out whether CyberScrub is trash or treasure.

  • CA Antivirus and Antispyware Review -- This reviewer takes a look at this basic and effective solution designed to meet the needs of the average PC user. Will it pass the test or is this a discount you don't want to risk? Read on to find out.

  • Trend Micro AntiVirus Plus -- This antivirus software is feature packed, but does it do the job? Find out here.

  • iolo Antivirus -- Does the new kid on the block in this already well-established niche of well-known and recognized software titles make a big splash, or a big flop? Managing Editor Paul Pardi puts the software through its paces, and gives you the results.

Multimedia & Other Software Reviews

  • Ulead PhotoImpact 12 -- This suite of program is designed to organize and edit all those images you have that gather disk space dust. Will it do the job, or will it be too confusing to be practical? This review gives PhotoImpact a wide range of ratings.

  • Presto! MagicSlide Review  --  This software is designed with simplicity in mind so that the average home user can create DVD and video slideshows from their personal photo and video collections. Upside? Appeals to new users. Downside? It's not compatible with all versions of Windows.

  • GoldWave Digital Audio Editor -- Experienced video editor PapaJohn offers a thorough and detailed review of GoldWave's audio editing abilities. The result is a must-read for anyone involved in audio and video editing.

  • Tune Tools For iPod (Multimedia Edition) -- This PC application promises to manage all your iPods from any computer you have, as well as giving you full control of all your songs and libraries. Is it just too good to be true? Read the full review to find out.

  • Mailplane Review - This shareware application for Mac allows you to access mutiple Gmail accounts from a single window, providing a streamlined interface and several features designed to enhance the Gmail experience. This detailed software review rates Mailplane on everything from installation and setup to product features and security and privacy.

  • PC Pitstop Optimize 2.0 - An all-in-one PC tuneup solution that promises to help keep your PC running at optimum speed and performance, but can it deliver? Read this thorough and detailed review to find out. Part One covers design, user interface, installation and setup. Part Two covers product features, security, and support.

Website Reviews

  • My Wonderful World - This geography education and literacy website is a must for K-12 teachers looking to build out their Geography Lesson Plans portfolio.

  • Free Online Coupon Codes - helps savvy shoppers find great deals online. The content is provided solely by shoppers who have joined the community, and the value of that content is rated by that same community. Read our website review to find out more.

  • Sweepstakes Advantage - This large directory of free online sweepstakes and contests offers nicely organized categories by frequency of entry and category of prize as well as a popular forum where you can celebrate with the winners and swap a wealth of information with other contest and sweepstakes enthusiasts.

  • Yabla: A Languge Learning Website Review - This site offers videos for those learning French, Spanish or English. What sets them apart? The types of videos they have and the control the language learner has over those videos. Read Bright Hub's review to find out more.

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