Bright Hub Rewards and Recognition System

Badges are given by Bright Hub to reward good things. The purpose of badges is to recognize above and beyond people and the work they have accomplished. Each badge represents an achievement Bright Hub would like to acknowledge.

A hero box is the colored box at the top of your profile page. This hero box will contain all of the badges that you have earned over time.  The badge system will mature overtime and new badges will be rolled out each month.

Profile levels:

The background of each hero box will be color-coded based on your role. 

  • Gold - Managing Editor
  • Green - Contributing Editor
  • Blue - Writer
  • Purple - Bright Hub Employee
  • Gray - default color


  • Writer badge

The megaphone is given for being a writer or above in a channel. The count indicates how many channels you are a writer or above in. No one should have a megaphone and not have at least a 1.

  • Expert Contribution badge

The expert contribution badge goes in the first position of the first row. The point total is based on a combination of the completeness and number of contributions that any given member makes in the Bright Hub system.

A gold expertise has a point total in the top 10% of all site members
A silver expertise has a point total in the top 25% of all site members
A bronze expertise has a point total in the top 50% of all site members
You can only have one of the above badges.

  • Pioneer badge

The pioneer badge is given to the first 50 people who are members of a channel. This badge can get an incremental count just like the megaphone. There should always at least be a 1

  • Beacon Award Badge

The Beacon Award badge is given to winners of the annual Bright Hub Beacon awards for the following - Managing Editor of the Year, Contributing Editor of the Year, Writer of the Year, Mentor of the Year, Greatest Team Spirit, Greatest Team Effort, Most Improved Writer, Breakaway Article of the Year, Brainiac of the Year, and Master of Social Media.

  • Spotlight Article Badge

The Spotlight Article badge is given to winners of the Spotlight Article of the Month award.

  • Certified New Writer Badge

The Certified New Writer badge is given to new writers who finish the 3 learning curriculums that Bright Hub requires for new writers.