Windows Updates and Performance Tweaks: Improve the Security and Performance of your Windows PC

The Microsoft Windows Update service is crucial to the continued security and optimized performance of you PC. Windows Update is a service of software features that help maximize you PC’s ability to perform, and do so securely. Windows Updates are available throughout the year and keep your operating system, hardware, and software up-to-date. In this topic we look at all your Windows Update needs, from downloading and automating, to keeping up-to-date by manually choosing which Windows Updates are necessary for you?

How to Fix Windows Update Error 646

Are you getting a Windows Update Error 646? As with most things this can be fixed in just a few easy steps. Updating Windows is a must so you don’t expect to get an error do you? These easy to follow steps will get your Windows update working again.

Office 2010 Upgrades Editions

With the release of Office 2010 in June, many Office users are wondering whether their current versions will be upgradeable to the new Office product. Microsoft is offering several options to let users upgrade to Office 2010, including trial version upgrades and the Microsoft Technology Guarantee.

Updating Office 2010

To keep Office 2010 running as smoothly as possible, you must keep it updated. Microsoft provides regular Office 2010 updates through Microsoft Update, including security patches, new features and bug fixes.