Windows Security Tips and Tweaks: Troubleshooting, Tutorials & User Guides To Enhance Your Windows PC Security

The subject of Security is of critical importance to anyone running a PC with Windows. If you don't have complete Windows Security you are at risk from malicious and non malicious attacks. In this topic we look at what's new in Windows Security, Windows Security in enterprise and Windows Security in the home. This community of user guides, tips, tweaks and troubleshooting discussions should enable you to stay ahead of the game and maintain a secure PC environment.

Protect Your PC: Do you have open loopholes waiting to be attacked?

You have an anti-virus program, and it shields you from possible infiltration by malware, spyware and viruses. However, security breaches can happen through the loopholes in your PC, rather than the prevalence of these malicious elements themselves. We review programs that patch those loose ends.

Using Open Proxies for Privacy

A proxy server can be a useful resource to protect your online privacy. Setting up a proxy server isn’t feasible for most users. However, some proxy servers are provided online. Some are open, and others require a subscription. Either way, they can be a useful tool in shielding your privacy.

Top 5 AntiVirus Software In 2009

Anti-virus software has a constant battle to weed out the malicious malware and spyware out of your system while users are forever inundated with new releases and updates. This article aims to provide a brief review on the Top Anti-Virus and Internet Security Suites available in 2009.

How to Backup your Hard Drive

At any time, you computer hard drive could fail. If you do not have your data backed up, you risk losing important documents, photos, and various other data. How do you back up your hard drive? Read on to find out how to back up your data to make sure that crisis never hits you!