Windows Security Tips and Tweaks: Troubleshooting, Tutorials & User Guides To Enhance Your Windows PC Security

The subject of Security is of critical importance to anyone running a PC with Windows. If you don't have complete Windows Security you are at risk from malicious and non malicious attacks. In this topic we look at what's new in Windows Security, Windows Security in enterprise and Windows Security in the home. This community of user guides, tips, tweaks and troubleshooting discussions should enable you to stay ahead of the game and maintain a secure PC environment.

Why won’t Windows Defender remove a Trojan Horse?

Windows Defender does not really live up to its expectations when protecting its own proprietary operating system. Trojan horses have a tendency to advance in a much faster pace than Windows Defender’s updates, and often, the user is left stranded at the mercy of a less than adequate antivirus.

What is the Top Hosting Software – Windows Security

In order to provide hosting services for Windows products, one of the key components is the control panel. A Control panel refers to the web interface provided by the hosting provider in order to provide administration services for the hosted websites, databases, emails and other server operations.

Solutions to Windows Defender Won’t Update

A real-time protection using Windows Defender provides protection against spyware and will not protect against all type of malware or viruses. Updating Windows Defender will help in protecting your PC, but if you could not update Windows Defender, follow the steps in this article for solutions.

How to Turn Off Windows Defender

If you’ve got your own computer security system set up and running and would prefer not to use Windows Defender, you will most likely want to shut if off to avoid running duplicate antispyware processes. Turning off Windows Defender is simple, although some fundamental precautions should be taken.

What is the Difference Between Windows7 x64 and x86?

While Windows7 comes in different flavors such as Enterprise, or Ultimate, or Professional, and Home Premium, there is another difference: the x64 and x86 versions. These versions correspond to the type of processor or CPU that is in the computer. Older systems will have an x86 CPU, newer ones, x64.

How to Uninstall Safari 5 from Windows

To remove Apple’s web browser from your computer, it only takes a few steps. But to keep it from installing on your computer again, that may be worth looking into. Read on to learn how to uninstall Safari 5 from Windows.