System Performance

  • Top Windows Freebies

    If you're looking for free software, you won't have to look far. Take a look at this list of free Internet, productivity and image processing software for Windows.
    By Jennifer Claerr June 15, 2011 

  • 21 More Super Ways to Speed Up Vista - Part 8 - Install Additional RAM

    This step-by-step Windows tutorial provides instruction on how to speed up your Vista system by increasing your system memory. Read on to learn how to install additional RAM so as to optimize system performance.
    By Dianna Monda Dill June 2, 2011 

  • How To Install RAM on your Desktop PC

    You have a great computer, and you really don't think you need another system. But, she's running a little slow, and seems to lack the pizazz she used to have when running your programs. How do you get the speed back into your system without upgrading...
    By Lucinda Watrous June 2, 2011 

  • How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Black Screen after Windows Boots Up

    Often, the video card or video card drivers are responsible for a blank screen after Windows boots. Learn how to fix this common graphics problem and make Windows 7 boot up the way it should.
    By John Garger June 2, 2011 

  • How To Use Your Computer as a DVR

    If you want the convenience of being able to watch TV to your own schedule, without the hassle of paying your TV provider additional costs or having to purchase new equipment, you should look at using your computer as a digital video recorder. Read on...
    By Lucinda Watrous June 2, 2011 

  • Windows Installed Your New USB Drive but it isn't Showing in Explorer

    On some rare occasions, you will install a new USB drive such as a portable hard disk or a "thumb drive" and you won't be able to access it via Windows Explorer, so you can't use it. Most of the time, Windows just didn't assign a drive...
    By Antonio Rodríguez Negrón June 1, 2011 

  • Change What Happens when Working with Folders on a Windows XP PC

    Folder options offer configuration changes you may not have thought possible. You can open new folders in their own window, use a single mouse click to open an item, show hidden files and folders, and associate a file type with a program.
    By Joli Ballew May 28, 2011 

  • Windows Command Line Guide - Launch Windows Applications from RUN

    The first part of the "Windows Command Line Guide" offers basic Windows Command Line commands to speed up computer tasks. This second part serves as a reference for using Windows Command Line commands that bring up Windows applications/components...
    By Arun Kumar (PowercutIN) May 26, 2011 

  • Clean Your Windows PC With Built-In Tools From Microsoft

    If you know which choices to select (and which not to) when using Disk Cleanup, you can get the done in the shortest possible time.
    By Joli Ballew May 25, 2011 

  • How To Remote Control Your PC

    Have you wanted to access files on a home computer while on the road, or wanted to access your media while on a public computer? Knowing how to remote control your computer makes these things possible - and best of all, setting up a PC for remote...
    By M.S. Smith May 24, 2011 
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