Windows Performance Tips and Tweaks, Troubleshooting and User Guides: Getting The Most From Your Windows PC

Your Windows operating system is the fulcrum on which everything else runs on your PC. Without optimized Windows performance your system won't boot in a timely fashion, applications won't launch correctly and you will become more and more annoyed at the functionality and features at your diminishing disposal. In this topic we offer advice and guidance on improving your computers performance. Whether it is Windows XP or Vista, these tips, tweaks, guides and discussions aim to enlighten you, the Windows end user and enrich your entire PC experience.

How to Use Kai’s Power Tools 3 with Win 7

Using Kai’s Power Tools 3 with Win 7 is easy. Although the installer may not be compatible with every version of Windows, users of Windows 7 (32-bit) need not despair. Follow this guide to have Kai’s Power Tools 3 up and running in no time.

Free Software to Speed Up Your Computer

Tweaking Windows settings and keeping it maintained can help speed up the performance of the computer. However, not every user is comfortable adjusting settings or aware that it requires maintenance to keep a healthy PC. You’ll find in this article some free software to speed-up your computer.

The Top 10 Best Registry Cleaners

Here’s a rundown of the 10 best registry cleaners, such as PC Tune-UP, EasyCleaner, PowerTools Lite and Comodo System Cleaner. These system optimization utilities improves your PC performance by detecting and deleting incorrect and unwanted entries in the Windows Registry.

Five Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

Your computer takes forever to startup, or a program takes forever to complete a task. If this sounds familiar your computer is running slow for a reason. Often it is from being stuffed with unnecessary files or programs. To get your computer running faster use these tricks to speed up the computer.

Five Great Freeware Computer Performance Downloads

The article includes 5 recommended utility software packages that will enhance and optimize Windows. These software packages include the following: Ccleaner, Glary Utilities, Ashampoo, Wise Registry Cleaner, and Windows Start-up 2.6. Brief details are included for each software title.